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Exhibitors Interview 2022

Tailoring experts

Marco Palazzoni's interview, sales manager.

Vebi, hand-sewn sacred vestments for over 40 years. Experts in tailoring according with customers' needs. The company has always used high-quality and 100% Italian fabrics.
Over the years Vebi has achieved important goals, such as exporting the Made in Italy.
A sartorial soul at the service of liturgy and customers. ...

Merolla Campane
Bells production

Michele Merolla's interview, owner.

Merolla Campane has designed and traded bells for many generations. These are created in the most prestigious foundries of Europe. The company offers state-of-the-art technology taking into consideration customers' needs, guaranteeing excellent results, continuous assistance and the best balance between quality and price. ...

Arte Sacra Marchetti
Distributors of both icons and amaretto of the Sanctuary

Pier-Luigi Marchetti's interview, owner.

Arte Sacra Marchetti has been an expert in both the distribution of hand-painted icons and the production of metal symbols since 1931. The company is also the first distributor of the Amaretto del Santuario, the first liqueur dedicated to Our Lady and that was authorised by the Diocesan Ordinary. ...

Professional lighting

Gianpaolo Sartori's interview, Specification Manager.

Exenia è is a company specialised in the production of LED lights, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The most advanced technologies in the lighting sector have been coexisting in Exenia since 2010. The excellence of a refined Italian design merges with a perfect performance. ...

Experts in jewellery creation

Mariarosaria Savarese's interview, owner.

The Duebi company from Naples has boasted many collaborations with the biggest companies in the religious sector ever since 2007. The company is specialised in both the production and distribution of rosaries and religious articles. Its main objective is to identify and satisfy the needs of each individual customer. ....

Editrice Shalom
Catholic and Marian publishing house

Roberto Mascioni's interview, sales director.

Shalom Editrice is a Catholic and Marian publishing house whose mission is the production of religious books and articles.All books and periodicals are printed in Italy and accessible to everyone, both in terms of content and price, while maintaining very high product quality. ...

Filigree production

Alessio Parodi's interview, owner.

Effe-Erre is a company specialised in the manufacture of jewellery and filigree products. Ever since 1986, one of its objectives has been that to combine an ancient art such as filigree with current tastes.
A wide range of workmanship, among which there is the production of objects related to religious worship. ...

Little drops of Water
Experts in gifts and souvenirs

Miguel Amaral,'s interview, owner.

Little Drops of Water is a Catholic company specialised in the production of resin figurines. From 2014 until today, its goals have always been the same: to develop both original and high-quality products with a reasonable price.
A specialised company in the design and production of statues. ...

I Sarti del Borgo
Haute couture craftsmanship

Ety Cicioni's interview, founder and patron

I Sarti del Borgo has more than 30 years of experience and it has a unique heritage in terms of features and elegance, formality and authority. The company has been offering tailor-made suits for both secular professionals and ecclesiastical authorities ever since 1988. Also, it has always provided a complete supply. ...

Liturgical supplies

Ombretta Panigo's interview, sales and marketing manager

Memeo Memeo has been in the liturgical supplies for over 20 years with its own line of religious articles completely Made in Italy. The company was founded in 1998 and it personally takes care of the creation, production and distribution of each of its products. ...