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Video Gallery 2024

See videos of the three days of DEVOTIO 2024, interviews with key players (speakers, scientific committee, exhibitors, visitors).

DEVOTIO 2024: Day one! 11/02/2024
DEVOTIO 2024: Day two! 12/02/2024
DEVOTIO 2024: Day three! 13/02/2024

We give the floor to professionals, some conference speakers and committee scientific members

CLAUDIA MANENTI, Head of the Study Centre for Sacred Architecture, Fondazione Card. Giacomo Lercaro, coordinator of the DEVOTIO scientific comittee
LUIGI CODEMO, Director of the Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art based in Villa Clerici in Milan
ANDREA DALL’ASTA s.j., director of San Fedele Milano and DEVOTIO Scientific Commettee member
DON PAOLO TOMATIS, director of the liturgic office of the Torino Diocese, member of DEVOTIO scientific comittee
FRANCESCA GIANI, architect, Fondazione Humanitate ETS
GIOVANNI GARDINI, President AMEI, Association of Italian Ecclesiastical Museums, member of Scientific Committee DEVOTIO

Some Exhibitors Interview - Devotio 2024

Alessandro Giacomello, General manager of ECODRY ITALY, conservation restoration of historic and ecclesiastical buildings
Simone Manuli, Sales manager of LUXDEI 3D, 3D scans of original statues
Mario Graziani, Owner of Graziani Srl - Candles and Incense Manufacturer
Alessandro Rigola, Owner of RIGOLA ORGANI. Musical instruments, harmonium since 1905. Specialists in organs for the liturgy
Alberto Formento, Technical Director of CARLO FILIPPO FORMENTO SRL. They have been involved in restoration and maintenance at heights for 65 years
Enzo Petrolino, President of the COMMUNITY OF THE DIACONATE IN ITALY. The figure of the deacon was reintroduced by the Second Vatican Council
Valentina Sisera, CEO of HOLYITALY. Agency that provides Communications and Connection for manufacturing companies that helps connect manufacturers with their perfect partners
Moreno Buccianti, President/founder and coach Seleçao International Priests Soccer - nonprofit and National Team of Sisters
Fabrizio Maiello, Author of the book "In the Prison of the Insane Offenders" present with Seleçao International Priests Football
Fabio Simeone, CEO of LORENFA Srl, passion for art and history at the service of the Vatican
Martina Mikulàsovà, Owner of MERCY TOYS. Since 2017, they have been producing Plush toys with subjects such as Jesus, St. Joseph, Mary
Stefano D'ambrosio, Administrator, and Gino Conversi, Marketing Director, of S4 GIUBILEO Srl. Pilgrim's Backpack on the occasion of Jubilee 2025, but not only
Mariarosaria Savarese, Owner of DUEBI RELIGIOSI. A business handed down from father to daughter: from Bruno to Bruna
Elisabetta Bertelli, Founder and Owner of STRINGILA. A faith project, an answer to a prayer with a desire to clutch the Cross
Artist Hermann J. Kessel (Germany). A metal cross left to corrode 6/8 weeks on a fabric
Francesco Pagano of the Giorni Nuovi Cooperative. Creating opportunities for redemption for those who have erred through manufacturing activities such as the hostelry, tailoring workshop, and crib production
Claudio Carletti, Owner of CARLETTI DIORAMI & PRESEPI. A passion turned into work: creating nativity scene sets, little houses and accessories
Silvia Osong, Ceo of CATHOLIC MARKETING NETWORK. CMN is involved in many services for the religious world
Magdalena Sitarska, representative of TARGI KIELCE, the most important exhibition center in Poland. For 25 years they have been organizing SACROEXPO
Armando Coco, Owner of COCO CLER. Specializing in the production of clergy gowns for 16 years
Weronika Cieślik, Social Media Manager of CHARISTIA, Poland. Specializing in the production of wafers and Eucharistic bread
Giovanna Montauti, GESTIONE PICCHIANI & BARLACCHI. 122 years of history, a family history, medallists
Alessandro Taddia, Taddia Group based in the Republic of San Marino. Point of reference throughout Italy for the management of damage compensation practices
Don Umberto Bordoni, Director of the Beato Angelico School Foundation. Forge of all-around art and culture, liturgical vestments, furnishings
Michele Sbrissa, Administer, and Anna Manea, Manager for Participatory Planning and Research. 593 STUDIO. Architectural design, engineering and services for the Church World and Sacred Architecture
Carlo Bombardieri, Owner of ARTI DECORATIVE. Business started in 2000 as a decorator, through the study of icons and creating decorations and finishes aimed at the religious world
Valentina Lamberti, owner of ELPLAST. For more than 55 years, the business has been dealing in Lamplast-branded clerical collars and electro-welded items
Francesco Cittarella, CULTOFARM brand of Codyfarm. They created a line of innovative products using materials with special printing techniques and creating ad hoc images
Renato Moroni, Owner of LAL, Loreto. Since 1957 a leader in the high-level handcrafted production of made-in-Italy religious articles

Interviews with some visitors of Devotio 2024

Raphael and Elisabeth, CEO and Sales Marketing Manager of IMMANUEL (South Korea), Importer
Manuel Campaña and daughter Isadora, owner of Familia de Nazareth Ltda, a religious bookstore in Chile
Fra Robert Bahcic, Rector of the National Marian Shrine of Slovenia
Fra Paul Darmanin, Director Communication Center of the Conventual Franciscans, Malta
Odger Thevissen, Director of Un Message de Vie/Religie Regina bv, Belgium
Francisco Casals de la Torre, Owner of Artesanía y Decoración Casals, Spain
Raffaele Gatto, GATTO & CO., Australia