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Photo Gallery 2019

On 17th February, here are some pics from the first day of DEVOTIO 2019

First day events: Holy mass celebration, Opening ceremony, conference "Open arms Crucifix", Opening exhibition "The beauty of Crucifix - approaching paths", Welcome cocktail

February 18, 2019, the second day of DEVOTIO begins

Second day events:  S.E. Mons. Matteo Zuppi, Bishop of Diocesi di Bologna, conference "Spaces and rituals for Christian funeral ceremony in a multicultural society", conference "Reborn of water and the Spirit": art and catechesis towards born in Baptism"

February 19, 2019, the last day...very eventful day

Third day events : conference "Ecclesial centers and disabilities", conference"Heating historic churches"


Exhibition "The beauty of Crucifix - approaching paths" - Tessere area (Ravenna mosaics) - Via Crucis - Chasuble area- La porziuncola - 3D Man of the Shroud