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  • Official update: CHANGING DATES DEVOTIO

    Due to the health emergency resulting from the spread of Covid-19 we inform you that DEVOTIO is postponed to February 2022 from 13 to 15... More information

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Via G. Verdi 12
20095 Cusano Milanino - MI
Tel. +39 02 29516654

Fratelli BONELLA is a publishing company of sacred image founded at the beginning of the 1900 by the brothers Egidio and Aristide Bonella.

Over the course of its history, three generations of Bonella continued the mission of the founders, that is to produce sacred images that, for beauty design and print quality, characterized the product of their company as the best on the market.

Today we are proud to state that for quality and breadth of range our product is considered the best in the world and our catalog, composed of over 10,000 items, it is known and appreciated in the whole Christian world.


The design of our images makes use of the most modern technologies, but at the base there is always the work of an artist.


The quality of our products is checked in every phase of the production. 

The considerable number of products that in the years have enriched our collection and the elevated number of novelty that continually our firm introduces on the market  have made difficult, also for our more affectionate clients, to constantly be adjourned.