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Pad. 21 - Stand B88-B90-C87

AGORÀ ATELIER di Alessandro Toniolo

AGORÀ ATELIER di Alessandro Toniolo
Via Roma 87
36010 Velo D'Astico - VI
Tel. +39 346 1281148 - +39 388 7759142

The Liturgy has its own unique poetic, sacred linguage, consisting of gestures and words, symbols and scents, colours and images which differentiate it form other forms of human communication, as the Liturgy introduces to the “Mystery”.

Over the years, Agorà Atelier has been a faithful guardian of liturgical art and its noble beauty. 

Agorà Atelier, devotedly continuing with this glorious tradition, proposes, through the constant study and work of professionals, Innovation, Creativity and Research.