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The ambo and the evangeliarium: art, architecture and liturgy

ASCOLTARE LA PAROLA. L’ambone e l’evangeliario: arte, architettura e liturgia

by kind concession of Museo Diocesano and Codex Arcidiocesi of Rossano-Cariati

The ambo and the evangeliarium: art, architecture and liturgy

MONDAY, 20 JUNE 2022

2.30 pm | Bologna Fiere | Spazio Arena

The conference will be in Italian

Since ancient times, two were the things that have received a particular attention and that have embraced precious iconographies - images full of fascinating symbolic meanings. By saying so, we are referring to the ambo, the place where the Word is proclaimed, and the evangeliarium, the liturgical book used for the Gospel proclamation. It often happened that precious miniatures were realised on evangeliariums and those miniatures were not only effective illustrations of the Gospel text, but at the same time, they offered deep interpretations of it. During the convention LISTENING TO THE WORD, we want to reflect on iconographies of some old evangeliariums, but we also want to put a particular attention to the Rossano’s Purpura Codex, which copy will be displayed during the days of the Devotio exhibition. A second major aspect of reflection is about the ambo. We want to give a particular attention to its inauguration during the dedication rite of the Church and in the general system of the Roman Missal. The ambo has always had an important and relevant position, not only on the planning of new churches, but also on liturgical adaptations. In a word, it has always had a great solemnity in relation to other liturgical elements of the celebration.

GIOVANNI GARDINI, coordinator of the Arte Sacra course at the IRSS of Tuscany, polo di Arezzo
The painted word
CECILIA PERRI, deputy director of Museo Diocesano and of Rossano-Cariatis's Codex Diocesi
Codex Purpureus Rossanensis. 
a story between history and images
Don STEFANO CULIERSI, director of the Liturgical Office  of the Bologna Diocese
The ambo in the general system of the Roman Missal
Don GIULIANO ZANCHI, scientific director of the Fondazione Adriano Bernareggi, Bergamo
Giving space to the word
Don STEFANO CULIERSI, director of the Liturgical Office of the Bologna Diocese 
Inauguration of the ambo in the rite of the Church dedication


The meeting addresses to priests and collaborators, liturgists, diocesan supervisors, artists, architects, whoever is involved in the art sector, pastoral liturgy, cultural heritage and ecclesiastical architectural spaces.

In order to attend the conventions, a request of exemption from school activities was made to the Miur – Ministery of Education, University and Research.