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L.A.L. Srl

L.A.L. Srl
Via Costabianca 43
60025 Loreto - AN
Tel. +39 071 978072
Fax +39 071 978816

The L.A.L. company, established in Loreto, has been for 60 years synonymous with quality and artisan tradition

Joining these two elements together has been and remains to be an art and philosophy for the Moroni family.
L.A.L. has always placed a high value on timeless style and design, and has also given great importance to details and excellent craftsmanship in addition to personalizing its production.
The value and beauty which is expressed in each individual article produced by L.A.L. makes each piece precious and unique: silver frames and icons, hand painted icons, silver and metal alloyed rosaries, rosaries ten, and silver necklaces, crosses, tau crosses and pendants, via cruces, key rings and religious articles for shrine.