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G.T.B. di Galassi Mario & C. Snc

G.T.B. di Galassi Mario & C. Snc
Via Buffolareccia 40, Z.I. Brodolini
60025 Loreto - AN
Tel. +39 071 977868 - +39 320 6376922

Since 1980, G.T.B. has been a family owned and operated business, known as a leader in the production of Zamak (Zinc base alloy) religious articles in many shapes, sizes and finishes.

We produce stock items using our own designs, and also produce custom designs according to our customers guidelines and specific needs. Some of the many items we can design with your needs in mind include crosses and crucifixes, rosaries and rosary cases, medals of all shapes and sizes, crib medals and ornaments, key rings, magnets, badges, pins, small bottles and statuettes, to name only a few. Our 40+ years of experience and flexibility to meet multiple customers needs allow G.T.B. to offer high quality products that meet or exceed the current needs of the international marketplace. Partner with us for our sophisticated computer design techniques, the creativity of our expert craftsmen and the reliability of our designs; these are our hallmarks and the premise that our business is built on! We look forward to learning more about your requirements, and how G.T.B. can be the answer to your Zamak religious article needs!