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Pad. 22 - Stand A12-B11


Via del Commercio 23
63821 Porto S. Elpidio - FM
Tel. +39 0734 679625
Fax +39 0734 685372

After decades of experience obtained in various shops that operated in renovation of the glass windows and distinguished monuments, GIOVINARTE realized and realizes works placed in different locations of Italy and cooperated with some of the most famous architects

It has improved constantly in rediscovering and value ancient techniques and new methods in the glass working and, translates ideas in concrete shapes and, with great competences, it applies in high art content realizations. It produces shapes, glass windows, gifts articles and furniture objects with original and exclusive design.
At the same time Giovinarte is specialized in making objects oriented to the holy world, artifacts covered in silver and details in Murano’s crystals and murrine, especially Crucifixes and Icons realized in any dimension and, also, on the personal design of the customer.
Every model is deposed to guarantee the uniqueness and originality of the product. The objects are real jewels, and the care for details adds to the peculiarity of the shapes. Glasses do not fear time, they are always new, for ever.