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Via G. Giusti 7/b
52100 Arezzo - AR
Tel. +39 348 7813586

Produce and sell silver gift items for several years

Angelo Arezzo produces and sells silver gift items for several years. Partners have a combined knowledge of the silver market over 25 years. We sell our products in all the main cities of Italy and we are working to expand our sales all over the world. Our target customers are large silver dealers.
The products we sell and produce are silver jewelery made exclusively in Italy.

They can be divided into three types: 
creative silver pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings
Religious objects: sacred medals, crucifixes, rosaries

Professionalism and knowledge of the product acquired over many years a large number of items easily available from direct contact with the customer. We are proud to offer our customers a fast and professional service. Passion and creativity when it comes to understanding the taste of the customer and suggesting the objects to be considered.

Flexibility and innovation in embracing constant change and keeping up with the changing needs of the market, are the characteristics that distinguish our company.