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Via Caduti del Lavoro 58
19021 Arcola - SP
Tel. +39 0187 954488
Fax +39 0187 952326


FULGOR SERVICE is an Italian company specialized in the production of professional broadcasting voice and acoustic treatment in Catholic Churches, with an expertise gained in over 30 years of leadership in the field of amplification for Sacred buildings, boasting installations on three continents.

The strenght of FULGOR SERVICE is the experience in the specific area and the advanced technology, which allows to obtain an harmonic relationship between voice, aesthetics of the Church and easy use of the system, satisfying any requirement.

Over the years FULGOR SERVICE has designed and developed numerous products without stopping the activity of its Studio & Research department; these products have today become indispensable for the professional diffusion of the voice inside and outside the Sacred buildings.

The success of FULGOR SERVICE is also due to its corporate policy: in fact, FULGOR SERVICE is the only italian company to design, produce and install its own products, remaining constantly in touch with customers and final users. A real success, confirmed by over 15,000 installations in Catholics Churches around the world and by portable systems for processions, born in 1988 and evolved very quickly.

A department of FULGOR SERVICE technical staff works constantly designing audio systems for Sacred Buildings newly built and/or in restoration, in cooperation with professionals, Department of Fine Arts and Architects, to study and implement the best possible result, following the style and the aesthetics of the Church.

FULGOR SERVICE products are designed, tested and manufactured directly in its factory in Arcola (La Spezia), based on the needs of the market and in constant search of innovative and functional formula. All the range of FULGOR SERVICE brand products is manufactured with Italian materials and highly skilled labor: this allows to realize targeted solutions by making changes even on standard products on the basis of special needs of the Customer.

Since some years FULGOR SERVICE has been using EASE software suite (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers), which has become a standard for simulation of electro-acoustic system.

The EASE software suite contains a valuable set of tools for studying, modeling and realistic simulation of the acoustic response of an audio system in a specific environment, providing an exhaustive full analysis of detailed graphics.

Main beneits of EASE simulation are:

  • Provide customers with a prediction of the behavior of the electro-acoustic system.
  • Use the standard parameters of measure SPL, STI etc.
  • Highlight possible problems that cannot be assessed without simulation.
  • Analyze and solve acoustical problems before they occur.

In the already large library of speakers of the biggest companies in the world, even Vertical, Fulgor Service high range speakers, are included.

FULGOR SERVICE, thanks to its design department, analyzes each needs and provides free project-type for single installation, detailed and customized quotes. FULGOR SERVICE is equipped with a technical-commercial network working capillary throughout the country, which guarantees a constant contact with Customers; the H24 Technical Service Network is able to intervene quickly on existing installations and to perform an accurate service free consulting.

All installations are guaranteed by the reliability and high quality of materials, by numerous tests on the equipment and by the support of the technical staff, composed by highly qualified personnel.

FULGOR SERVICE today can boast a long tradition of professionalism and Italian quality.