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Via San Vito 26
50063 Figline e Incisa Valdarno - FI
Tel. +39 055 9051339

Centro Ave Ceramica has been operating since 1964 in the international citadel of Loppiano * near Florence, where people from all latitudes and cultures are trained and worked

Each handmade item is designed in our laboratories and carefully followed in all phases, up to distribution. The production is characterized by an essential and expressive line, which takes shape in the refractory clay.
Over the years the processing has developed and enriched with a precious experience that has led us to make the most of this poor and demanding material.

The clay, both before and after firing at very high temperatures, is carefully finished by hand in order to bring out the porosity that gives it the characteristic final appearance of Centro Ave Ceramica products.

* LOPPIANO is the first international citadel of the Focolare Movement.
Located near Florence - Italy - it is an active part of a network of realities distributed over the five continents and inspired by the same ideals of unity and fraternity.