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Via Cannoni 7
16036 Uscio - GE
Tel. +39 0185 919410
Fax +39 0185 919427
Supplier of the Vatican State
Trebino since 1824
From Uscio to the world a tradition that continues over time.

Was founded in 1824 the history of Trebino,
known throughout the world, such as watchmakers and experienced ringers.
The activity started in 1824 with the construction of the first wooden clock tower was installed in the City of Genoa.
It went straight to the processing of wrought iron clocks, called a chicken coop for their characteristic shape.
The clocks paralleled the construction of mechanical carillons and bells with their own bronze foundries.

The construction of tower clocks evolved rapidly with the use of increasingly modern machines, clocks, wrought iron, is passed to the horizontal form of clocks manufactured in small series and from these to those in electric charge.
The first watch to electric charge "constant force" was produced by Cav. Roberto Trebino in 1940 and installed in skyscrapers, with a dial with 21 meters in circumference.
The processing of the bells was always crafted with the formation of the forms on earth and fusion with wood-burning oven.
In 1958 the Cav. Roberto Trebino was chosen by the Vatican for the construction of the magnificent Basilica of St. Peter watches.
In 1960 began the first systems of electrification of the bells in the various systems in use in Italy.

In 1994 Trebino gave the four Basilicas Vatican (St. Peter, St. John Lateran, St. Paul Outside the Walls, St. Mary Major) with modern facilities electrification bells and tower clocks.
Today the company Trebino, a leader in Italy and around the world, is conducted by his sons, grandsons of the Cav. Roberto Trebino and thirty highly skilled employees.

The Trebino has its own factories in Uscio (in the province of Genoa), divided into four departments:

- Foundries of Bells
- Metallic Carpentry
- Electrification and Elettronics Bells
- Tower Clocks