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MOLLICA-SGA Snc di Mollica Fabio & C.

MOLLICA-SGA Snc di Mollica Fabio & C.
Via M. Buonarroti 8
20090 Cesano Boscone - MI
Tel. +39 02 4500486

The company MOLLICA-SGA was born from the union of two important companies in the sacred furniture sector the company F.lli Mollica (present in the sector since 1961) and the firm SGA Arte Sacra (which took over the models of the 100-year-old firm Felli Spa).

MOLLICA-SGA deals with the artisanal production of sacred furnishings and high-quality religious objects: Chalices, Ciboriums, Tabernacles, Crocessional Crucifixes, Thabors, Monstrance…are just a few examples of our many items, all handmade and strictly Made in Italy.

Thanks to the artistic flair and great dexterity of our skilled craftsmen, MOLLICA-SGA has been able to combine craftsmanship and materials (exclusively of Italian origin), in a range of original items in shapes, colors and style exclusively Made in Italy.

The product line is made from fine materials such as silver, copper, bronze, brass. The plating is carried out with gold 24 Kt/ o silver at 1000/°°° and enriched with special manual processes such as engraving and chiseling.

All production takes place internally with the company: from the conception, from the treatment of raw materials, from the craftsmanship of the single item to the shipment to Italy and the world.

The works, carried out with strictly artisanal techniques, allow us to carry out restoration works of great value and to customize and realize exclusive objects at the request of the customer.