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ECUMENICUS di Secchi Sergio

ECUMENICUS di Secchi Sergio
Via Damiano Chiesa 18
24026 Leffe - BG
Tel. +39 035 731966

Ecumenicus, which has been present on the ecclesiastical market for over thirty years, produces and markets religious items throughout Italy and abroad

In the last twenty years it has specialized in the production of fabrics for furnishings and sacred clothing such as albs, stoles, scapulars, chasubles, wall banners, processional banners and  framable tapestries all made with a artisan weaving procedure. Our great strength is the possibility of customizing each items according to the customer's needs; this is allowed thanks to sophisticated software with a  strictly manual reconstructive intervention, of skilful stylists; then the fabrics are made on a power- loom and finished in the company's tailor's shop. The skill, the care in the realization of our items, the extensive catalogue of standard images and the total possibility of  personalising fabrics, are all reasons why our costumers are loyal and continue to grow.