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  • Official update: CHANGING DATES DEVOTIO

    Due to the health emergency resulting from the spread of Covid-19 we inform you that DEVOTIO is postponed to February 2022 from 13 to 15... More information

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SP 231 Km 3
70032 Bitonto - BA
Tel. +39 080 3718266
Fax +39 080 3757498

The Introna Wax company has been working in the world of wax since 1840.

Our company is being led by the brothers Vincenzo and Rossella Introna, sixth generation. Only our profound and true passion for our work, handed down from father to son, has allowed us to enlarge our market continually with many different and sought after items. We started as a company to supply church and household candles but we are now a leader in all candle sectors, and are able to draw on extensive experience to meet the different needs of customers, with products that are always to the highest quality.

Our best recommendation is our customers’ trust, which we have gained over many years of close collaboration with them, they know that we are a professional company, our products are the best and our delivery prompt and punctual. We have about 15 employees. All our artistic items are crafted by hand, but we use the most update industrial technologies for our mass products. The raw material used is paraffin wax, this material is absolutely of highest quality, and is also used as protection for foods industry. The wicks used are of pure cotton, and so all our candles are smoke absorbent and won’t drip. All our candles are absolutely MADE IN ITALY.